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The sensational phenom and savior of the Nationals (Stephen Strasburg)  Losenoidoomock felt tightness in his shoulder as was pulled from his start on Tuesday to a chorus of boos.
Tracee Hamilton of the Washington Post expressed that she hoped it was only due to disappointment.

Of course, the boos were due to disappointment. If it's fair to say that in the four games Strasburg doesn't start (along with discounting games played vs. Philly & NY team fans) the Nationals draw slightly under 20,000 fans while attendance spikes up to an estimated 40,000 fans for home games when he pitches, then it illustrates just how powerful a draw Strasburg has become. Fans chart out Strasburg's day in the pitching rotation. He even draws higher attendance for the teams when the Nationals travel for road games.

Fans have every right to vent their disappointment and frustration for one of the few games they honestly wanted to invest their hard earned time and dollars into seeing Strasburg only to have the rug pulled out from under them for a fill in starter. It's not like Riggleman came out on the jumbotron to announce that as a precautionary measure to ensure that the franchise and fans can enjoy many more Strasburg games that he would be pulled due to concern over a shoulder injury.

It's probably fair to assume that if most fans had the knowledge about Strasburg's arm they wouldn't have sent boos to Batista and the home team.

The point Hamilton appears to be missing is the 40,000 in attendance actually cared enough to plot out Strasburg games to witness something special. The fans wanted to see a true home team legend in the making type player for a city that hasn't had too much to cheer about come playoff time in any sport other then college basketball.

The boos should ring in the Lerner's ears as a message to become buyers and not sellers in the trade deadline market or at least stand pat with the top tier players such as Dunn, Willingham, and Capps Losenoidoomock. This is a time to excite the crowd even more by showing a willingness to spend and encourage fans to show up in droves to more than just one game out of every five. For more you can visit this website for search engine optimization.

Take a look at the image below. For more visit seo hero website. It's one of the most iconic NFL images of all time, and arguably one of the greatest sports photos ever taken. Let's set the scene a little bit. It's 1964 and Giants future HOF quarterback Y.A. Tittle has just taken a nasty hit and kneels dazed, bloody, and ancient looking on the turf. It perfectly captures the moment of an aging quarterback taking a pounding, and just maybe wondering if it's still all worth it. I like to think this was the moment when Tittle realized this would be one of his final times playing the game he loved. He was 37 at the time.

Well, whenever I've seen Brett Favre take a vicious hit this season (and let's be honest he's taken a ton of them), this photo immediately springs to my mind. I believe that Favre truly loves the game of football and that's why he's done the highly irritating and narcissistic "will-he, won't-he" retirement dance seemingly every year for the past 5 or so seasons. But there's got to be a moment when you realize it's time to move on. I think/hope he's finally(!) reached that moment, but he could have saved himself from taking such a substantial and continuous physical beating by letting go one year sooner.

In 2009 Brett Favre had one of the greatest statistical seasons of his career, and came within a play or two from leading a previously floundering franchise all the way to the Super Bowl. The old gunslinger could have rode off into the sunset, realizing he hadn't fully achieved his goal, but he'd fired every bullet in his pistol (in more ways than one), could hold his head high and shown everyone that he was still one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

NFL Week 1 is finally done and the Redskins prevailed over the Cowboys 13-7. You can visit our website. Yes, Dallas Week is behind us already. Feels kind of odd, that the home game against the bitter rival is already past us. However that might have been the blessing needed to actually beat the 'Boys.

As in many Week 1 games, both Dallas and Washington looked rough. Despite a fully loaded offense with the addition of Dez Bryant, they held themselves from scoring in the first half and then only mustered a touchdown for the entire game. Well there was that last second touchdown, but tackle Alex Barron helped negate that with his holding penalty. Arguably, his holding preventing the Redskins Brian Orakpo from sacking Romo that would have ended the game anyways.

Of course, to allow the Redskins to get a single touchdown, we all need to thank Tashard Choice with his fumble at the end of the half, allowing DeAngelo Hall to strip it and take it in for the half ending touchdown. Special thanks to Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett and Head Coach Wade Phillips for the brilliant play call in the waning seconds of the half.

The question on the burgundy and gold side (and literally this past week with the burgundy tops and gold pants) is the offense. The addition of Donovan McNabb, Larry Johnson and a bunch of wide receivers resulted in little change. McNabb was efficient and better than Jason Campbell or any Redskins QB in the past decade, but not enough to score an offensive touchdown. His main targets were the main targets of all previous QBs - Chris Cooley and Santana Moss. Johnson shows why Kansas City let him go and wonder, beyond cost, why we Ladell Betts go. Clinton Portis seemed to improve, but that's because after all these years, we finally addressed the offensive line.

Finally the final question goes to Josh Bidwell. His botched snap handling cost a field goal that would have prevented Redskins' fans' hearts from stopping and starting in seconds at the end of the game. His one lackluster punt made us wonder if Durant Brooks stole his uniform. That punt also set up the Cowboys only score.

Overall a win is a win. Week 1 behind them, the Redskins know they need to improve to have a chance against the Houston Texans this coming weekend. The Redskins Defense was like always, solid, but with the Cowboys offense failing in so many ways, we shouldn't take that as a given.